When I lost my husband last year, I also lost his pension and my Social Security. Basically I lost 50% of the family income and no way to cut expenses by 50%. I was told by a friend to look into a Reverse Mortgage.

I was hesitant because I didn't want the Bank to own the house that my husband and I have owned for the past 25 years. I was corrected by Eric Christensen who explained to me that wasn't true. I did the Reverse Mortgage and now I will not ever have any money worries. I sleep easier at night.


Eric Christensen is very knowledgeable. He walked me through the paperwork and the approval process. His team basically did all the work, I didn't have to do anything but the Reverse Mortgage Counseling. Very easy...


Mr. Christensen & his team were a pleasure to deal with, and they have made my life more comfortable and enjoyable. Getting a reverse mortgage was a great choice...


This was our last chance to set up our finances so we would be comfortable for our final years. I didn't want to blow it. Doris didn't want to sell the house and move into that new condo so we called and spoke with Reverse Mortgage Expert Eric Christensen.

The Reverse Mortgage gives us the added cash we need each month, not that much but the $400 extra means the world to us. Plus we know we'll never have to leave our home unless we really want to. Thanks for meeting with our son and helping him understand that he will never have a debt to pay because of what we did.

R. & D.W.